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Wicked Fanfiction at livejournal
Exodus 2, 3, & 4/? 
1st-Aug-2012 03:45 pm
Title: Exodus 2/?
Fandom: Book
Characters: General Cast
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Implied non-con, captivity, physical abuse.
Summary: Based off of the Gregory Maguire Wicked Years, AU. The Philosophy Club is everything it's rumored to be; disgusting and filthy with unspeakable acts happening in every corner. What Fiyero Tigelaar didn't expect was to find an enchanting emerald woman locked away in the basement, a slave to the club's mysterious owners. Warnings for non-con, captivity, physical abuse, and language.

You're gone. Again.

Exodus 3/?

She's your fate.

Exodus 4/?

Which fate was more terrifying?