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Welcome to wicked_fanfic, the home of fanfiction devoted to Wicked, in all its various forms. This includes: the novel Wicked by Gregory Maguire, its sequel Son of a Witch, and Wicked the musical, as well as L. Frank Baum’s Oz books, and the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. Any canon (or combination of canons), any pairing, any rating - things are pretty lax here, and really, anything goes.

Well, almost anything...

1. This community is, as its name suggests, specifically for fanfiction. While fanart is not actually frowned upon, there is already a community dedicated to it at wickedart, and it would be unfair to deprive them of more art!

2. We’re only about the fictional characters here, so what is frowned upon is fanfiction to do with the actors and actresses who have performed in Wicked (ie. rps/rpf). If you wish to read/post such works, head on over to thewitches3 and chenzel_elite, and they’ll keep you busy for a good, long time!

As said above, all pairings within (and across) the texts are allowed. If you want to write Grommetik/Morrible, go for it! The only request here is to please put the pairing (if there is one) in the header of your fic. You may format your header any way you please, but if you wish to have a template, feel free to borrow this:

Title: (the title of your work, if it has one)
Subject/Canon/Verse/Text/World/whatever you want to call it: (ie. whether you're writing about the book, the musical, a hybrid of the two, a crossover, etc)
Pairing: (if there is one)
Rating: (at least vaguely)

You can also put a summary and/or word count, if you wish. Also, a warning is helpful if you happen to be dealing with any ‘heavier’ themes, which some people may be uncomfortable with. (Please note that putting everything listed above in your header will make sure that your entry is filed correctly in the memories because sometimes I don't have time to read everything before adding it.)

All fics must be behind a cut, no exceptions. If you don’t know how to do a cut, head on over to the livejournal FAQ. Fake-cuts to your own journal (or to another community where the fic has been posted) are perfectly fine, but please refrain from linking to locked entries. (If you simply must link to one, make sure this is clearly stated in your post.)

Posts that are not actually fanfiction/art (or relating to it - for example discussion ideas) will not be tolerated. There are over 700 members here, and that’s a lot of people to annoy. ;) If you spam the community with off-topic posts, they will be deleted. This does include asking for recommendations and particular pairings - everything posted here is in the memories so if you're after something, just go hunting there. :)

NB: cross-promotion of other communities/websites is fine ONLY if they are 100% to do with Wicked-related fanfiction/art. Also, please keep things nice! Absolutely no comment flaming - if you have criticism about somebody’s work, either say so constructively, or keep it to yourself if you can’t be pleasant.

wicked_fanfic, though pretty damn cool, is most certainly not the only community for Wicked-related fanfiction on livejournal. If you’re hungering to read more, check out wicked_prompts (a picture-prompt challenge community), gelphie_lovers (for Elphaba/G(a)linda works only), wickfic (general fanfic), wicked100 (Wicked in drabble form) and wicked10 (a theme community), as well as the communities previously listed above. You can also find Wicked fanfic offsite at Passion & Perfection (femslash only).

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